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My name is Erica Heath! I grew up in upstate New York, spent my middle school years moving all over New York and Pennsylvania with my family, and then we landed in Kansas City in 2003. I had a lot of experience buying and selling real estate before I was even in high school!

I went to Blue Valley West HS and later Kansas State University where I got a degree in Hospitality with a minor in Business. I have always wanted to own a business or work for myself, I just wasnt sure what I wanted to do, or how. I eventually started working for a rental car company and loved that managers "owned" their store, had power to make decisions, and really run their own business- without all the cost and liability. I quickly climbed that ladder and gained a lot of hands-on experience with things you just cant learn in school. 

I began selling real estate in 2016 after I was starting to feel burnt-out and needing a big change, so a couple different friends recommended I look into becoming a Realtor. Its hard to ignore that kind of recommendation! So here I am, five years later, running a business and working for myself. I couldn't be happier that it worked out exactly how it did! I have found that my own experiences moving around as a kid have helped me relate to every family- whether they are moving across tow or across the country. Its something I think of every day and with every home I sell. 

I currently live in West Plaza with my two dogs, Ellie and Meisie. My biggest hobby is selling real estate but in addition to that I enjoy working out, cooking, and doing projects around my own home!

Thanks for taking the time to read about me and I look forward to learning more about you!

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